In an exclusive partnership with North American company Skytypers Inc. the Yakovlevs are now the only company outside of the USA able to deliver the world’s foremost aerial advertising medium.

5 Yakovlev aircraft depart the airfield, climb to 10,000ft and assemble in line-abreast formation. The lead aircraft puts the formation directly overhead the target audience and on command the patented typing system is operational, and a signal is sent to each aircraft to emit a pulse of smoke. The pulses create characters which in turn creates your unique Sky Billboard™ message.

The average time to Skytype™ a character, the size of the Empire State Building, is only four seconds.

The hang time for an average five-mile long (20-25 characters) Sky Billboard™ is three to seven minutes (dependent on prevailing winds).

Skytyping™ is 1,000 times larger than any road sign or aerial billboard, and it is custom placed over your specific target area/event to provide maximum impact.

We can Skytype™ for you anywhere in the world

For more information on Skytyping™ please download our brochure and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How Green Is Skytyping™?

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